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6 reasons why company culture is important, especially now

The return to office debate has prompted a lot of discussion about why company culture is important. There can sometimes be a misconception that company culture is about attracting employees who all think in the same way.

However, if you hire people who think like every other employee, it becomes really hard to innovate.

Instead, company culture is about consistency, company mission, and building something that’s future-proof. Something that helps you to stand out from your competition and supports your employees.

If you fail to do those things, you end up with less revenue and higher turnover.

Let’s take a look at the key reasons why company culture is important, now more than ever.

It shows who you are and what you stand for

Customers are more likely to buy from companies whose missions align with their personal beliefs. 

Since we make decisions based on emotions, this can be the deciding factor whether you’re B2B or B2C. We’re all human, after all.

When your morals and mission are clear, your audience knows exactly who they’re dealing with and what to expect. 

For example, let’s say you have strong environmental policies. If someone arrives on your site also prioritizing the environment, they’re going to want to work with you. They’ll want to support your mission—even if your products or services are more expensive than your competition.

It attracts the right candidates

The right company culture will naturally (and organically) be at the front and center of what you do. Which means that it will come through in your hiring efforts, too.

Everything from the hiring process to how you write a job description shouts about your company culture. 

Terms like “fast-paced” are often now seen as euphemisms for “expect to get burned out” and “we disrespect boundaries”. How you phrase your job descriptions matters.

On top of that, underrepresented talent can find gendered or otherwise aggressive language off-putting. This means it’s really important to consider how you describe the role.

You also want to think about whether you’re writing about the candidate you’re looking for, versus what you could do for the candidate you’re hiring. 

What opportunities can you offer them? How can they grow their career with you? 

It shouldn’t be about listing off endless requirements that nobody can meet. This is especially true with the talent market being so competitive right now. 

Instead, you should focus on why you’re such a great place to work. This technique will help you stand out in the job market and attract candidates who can thrive in your organization. Ensuring your recruitment efforts are successful is a key reason why company culture is important.

It helps you deal with problems

A company with a strong culture is better able to deal with problems. That’s because, whatever arises, you know what your core values are. 

So, if you’re faced with a differently abled employee who’s struggling, and you’ve never come across that disability before, you can refer back to those values and it will help you come up with the best ways to assist them.

It’s good for mental health

Our workplace can play a huge role in our mental health. It can give it a boost during a challenging time, or it can cause it to nosedive.

A positive culture means that your employees will support each other when they need it. This will be true whether they have something going on at work or in their personal lives. 

As a result, employees will develop more meaningful relationships, helping with loneliness and mental health.

One of the main reasons employees stay with a job nowadays is the relationships that they foster. That’s why, while workplace relationships are often underestimated, they really do matter. These friendships play a big role in why company culture is important.

It makes employees more productive 

When employees understand the company culture, it helps them know what managers expect of them. They’re also more likely to believe in the culture and want to work hard to help the business succeed.

Happier employees are also more productive employees. The more they understand about the business and feel like their employer supports them, the more they’re going to get done, and the more they’ll do to help your business achieve its goals.

It encourages employees to stay

As we’ve already mentioned, workplace relationships are a key reason people stay in jobs. That’s not the only reason why company culture is important, though.

Consistency matters, too. If you have a manager who, one day is a ray of sunshine, and the next is super grumpy, it’s going to put employees on edge and make their working day less enjoyable. They may absorb their manager’s negative mood. It may impact other aspects of their day, and even their long-term mental wellbeing if it happens regularly.

Employees will then become disconnected and be more likely to leave.

The same is true for colleagues who bring their bad moods to work. If they don’t feel they can be open about how they’re feeling, it creates tension that just isn’t there if you can openly say to someone, “Sorry, I’m having family problems right now. Thank you for being patient with me today.”

A consistent culture can still exist alongside a varied, stimulating working day, too. It’s about managers not taking out their personal problems on their employees. They can instead be open about it when they’re having a bad day.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing bad news. In fact, just talking about it and not bottling it up can play an important role in processing it and treating/avoiding chronic physical and mental health problems.


In an increasingly competitive job market, it’s essential to know why company culture is important now more than ever. It’s what will differentiate you from your competition and attract employees who will take your business to the next level.

An inconsistent culture makes employees confused and uncomfortable, meaning they’re less likely to want to stay.

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