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Level up from outdated employee engagement activities with these evergreen ideas sure to delight your team and stand the test of time

Want to delight your team with employee engagement solutions that actually work?

employee engagement solutions
Here’s what to look for when it comes to employee engagement solutions

Based on feedback from People leaders, it’s best to look for options that:

  • Reduce tool overload by connecting your current systems for a simplified experience
  • Automate processes and decrease admin work for People teams and culture champions
  • Deliver real-time analytics from diverse, automatically collected data sets
  • Maximize visibility for your groups, programs, and events, tailored to employees’ locations
  • Offer dashboards each team member can personalize to their specific needs

Manual surveys can only get you so far – you need a fully connected, one-stop shop

Standard employee engagement solutions can’t give you with the integrated, data-driven ecosystem today’s world of work demands.

Using a one-stop shop to link your tools and automate analytics empowers you to delight employees and maximize ROI.

Workrowd is a snap to set up and includes a full suite of customizable tools to market, manage, and measure your employee engagement initiatives.

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“Workrowd has been an incredible asset allowing us to be more connected as a team. Implementation was seamless and the value of the tool continues to grow every day with real-time input from our employees and management team.”

– Deborah Gomez, Human Resources Manager

Have you downloaded your free engagement activities guide?

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Inside you’ll find 12 ideas of programs, groups, and events designed to delight employees and boost engagement rates both in the short- and long-term.

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